Very energy efficient

muv-N was projected from the very beginning to be extremely energy efficient!

Since the athletes' main concern with a system like this is, by far, if their phone will get to the end of the race with enough battery, muv-N focused in delivering an extremely energy efficient solution! The development has focused, since the projection phase, and throughout the whole development, in researching the hosting system - from the hardware all the way to the software - and all of its features and functionalities to empower us with the ability to develop the most energy efficient algorithms. This made it possible for the muv-N to get a record of continuous tracking, on a real race, of 15h. But since we continue to improve the whole system, we believe that, with a relatively new device that is not running other apps and if the athlete does not use the phone for calls/sms, the system can surpass the 24h of real time tracking on a real race.


Low cost races

muv-N services have a very low cost!

The cost for contracting the muv-N service for a race is small and based on the race's characteristics. Be it a small or a big race, we offer a low cost service! In some special cases it can even be free or have big discounts! If you are still unsure if your budget can handle our services, please contact us and expose your situation!


Increased safety

muv-N does real time tracking and allows for aid requests!

The real time tracking, by itself, increases the athletes' safety by a considerable amount. But the service also supports aid requests! The request is started by the athlete in need and will make the system contact the organization and deliver all the necessary and relevant information. If a rescue is deemed necessary, the organization will, then, either do it themselves and/or pass the information to the relevant emergency services. The information ranges from the geographic location of the athlete to his/her health state and what kind of incident happened. The athlete can also make a request for another athlete. The emergency services can check all the relevant information on a website that will update as the athlete updates the information. This service is only available in races with organizations and not in training.


Improved show

By using muv-N, the spectators can enjoy a better and more complete show!

Our services are not just for the athletes! The spectators, being there either for their friends and family or just for the race, can follow the athletes, in real time, throughout the whole race. They can even do this from home! The spectators that are following friends and family can enjoy the peace of spirit of knowing where the athletes are at each moment in time. Everyone can follow the whole race with all the tracked athletes and in real time, which would not be possible without muv-N! Besides the location of the athletes, muv-N shows more information and statistics about the athletes, always in real time, making the act of following the athletes more enjoyable. Finally, muv-N can also enable the spectators to get in time to see their athletes arrive at the finishing line and the control sites, without having to wait for them or risking being too late.


Offline maps with a high level of detail

The maps are always available, even if there is no signal!

The maps used in muv-N are saved on the device allowing the athlete or spectator to use them, even if there is no data connection available. They can check the map, their location and navigate to safety at all times. The maps are of high quality and have a high level of detail with all the relevant information for outdoor sports, specially in the forest and the mountain. This is a big improvement from normal maps! The maps are also updated frequently which makes the changes in the terrain being reflected, quickly, on the maps. If the user does not want to use offline maps or if the area is not yet covered by our offline maps, there are online maps available.



The athletes can do recces before (and after) the race!

muv-N allows the athletes to recce the race before it happens. They can also come back after the race to train on the same track. muv-N has an ever increasing number of tracks where the athletes can train or just joy walk.


Group training

The athletes can train in group!

In muv-N, the training is similar to races: the athletes train in groups with other athletes and can invite their friends to spectate their training, in real time, as if it were a race - it's just private. The training can be conducted in tracks of past or future races or in tracks that the athlete loads using .GPX files (or just start free training). After the training, the athletes can analyse and share their training.


Low data usage

muv-N uses very little data, specially for the athletes!

For the athlete, the real-time tracking uses, at most, 84 kB per hour. The real value will always be lower! For the spectator, the value is dependent on the number of tracked athletes. On a race that has 100 athletes, the data usage is about 2 MB per hour. For a race with 300 athletes, this value increases to 6 MB per hour. Obviously, if the spectator shuts down the screen or switches to another app, the usage is 0*. The data used in other actions, such as installing the app and downloading maps are not counted on the previous figures. We advise you to do those actions using a limitless data connection.
*keep in mind that the athlete is tracked in the background and shutting off the screen won't stop the data usage until he/she stops the tracking.


Free to use

The athletes and spectators don't have to pay to use the services!

The app is free to install and to use, as is most of its associated services. In a race, neither the athletes nor the spectators pay to use the system. The athlete can, if he/she so wills, pay to get some premium features and services. This will help us to keep developing, improving and providing the service! Otherwise, the athletes are given 2 complementary hours each week* to use the real-time tracking services in training. After that time has been used the athlete can still use the app and its services but the real-time tracking in training will be disabled for the rest of the week. Every week the 2h* of available real-time tracking time is restored. The premium services have no influence in the races. And the spectators (of both races and training) have no restrictions or changes in features if they have or have not any active premium service (except for no ads being displayed for premium users).
*we reserve the right to change or completely remove this complementary time unilaterally and without any warning.

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